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Code of ethics

The principles of the Fundació Salut Empordà are set forth in its Code of Ethics and the work of its Ethics Committee. As a complement to this, a series of ethical principles related to the function of the Salut Empordà Healthcare project:

General ethical principles

  1. The Board of Trustees has approved the Foundation's complementary activities, rates, and the code of ethics that govern them. The Foundation's Management Committee is to ensure that these principles are observed.
  2. The complementary activity carried out by the Fundació Salut Empordà shall not, under any circumstances, interfere with publicly-funded health services. The Fundació Salut Empordà shall uphold fairness in terms of quality and waiting times among patients who access healthcare services through the Public Health System.
  3. Any additional resources obtained by the Fundació Salut Empordà resulting from its private services are to be reinvested in the Institution, thereby contributing to bettering the provision of public services. One portion of these resources are to be directly allocated to DPOs.
  4. The Foundation is to avoid actions that represent unfair competition with other healthcare centres that are strictly private in terms of type of centre, service type and funding.
  5. Should services become overburdened and/or in the event of full occupancy of care spaces, priority is to be given to provision of publicly offered healthcare services.
  6. The access, inclusion and prioritisation criteria employed in the waiting lists are to be clear, explicitly stated and transparent to the organisation, funding bodies, professionals and patients.
  7. The Foundation guarantees fairness in access procedures and care conditions.
  8. Requests for access on the part of patients to healthcare services not included in the portfolio of public services offered by the Fundació Salut Empordà are to be open to all and voluntary.
  9. It is understood that any citizen has freely chosen to receive medical assistance from SEH when the request is the result of a private consultation provided by the medical professional, whether arising from their own external office or the specific SEH consultation taking place on the premises of FSE, if applicable.
  10. When, as part of a process covered by the public healthcare system the citizen expresses an interest in receiving private medical assistance, healthcare staff responsible for their medical care will refer the patient to Salut Empordà Healthcare for further information on how to proceed. This process is to be kept separate from publicly-funded medical assistance when the type of funding changes.
  11. The pathways, procedures and waiting lists for private medical services offered by the Fundació Salut Empordà are to be clearly demarcated from the healthcare services covered by the Public Healthcare System. Service scheduling is to be carried out based on differentiated work schedules.
  12. When the patient wishes to receive assistance from SEH and the service they are requesting is also covered by the Public Healthcare System, they will be informed of both options in an objective manner.
  13. Prior to receiving medical services, the patient is to receive sufficient, clear and easy to understand information regarding the service, its scope and the coverage type.
  14. Once private health service has started, and while in progress, all care-related actions and associated complementary tests as part of a normal and expected evolution of the process are to be fully financed by non-public coverage. The patient is to be explicitly informed of these terms.
  15. If a citizen chooses assistance provided by SEH and they are on the waiting list for publicly-funded assistance for the same condition, reliable notice is to be given of them relinquishing their position on the waiting list.
  16. When the importance of the service so warrants it, a written contract is to be formalised with the patient, specifying the services to be provided and their price, in accordance with the rates published by the organisation and the terms and conditions of payment.

Ethical principles affecting professionals and workers

  1. Professionals cannot receive additional economic compensation for services provided within their workday, except for emergency situations.
  2. Professionals working for the Fundació Salut Empordà who also provide services privately are to do so outside of their regular work schedule as stipulated in their contract, except for emergency situations.
  3. The technical quality of the medical assistance is to be the same, regardless of whether it is publicly or privately funded.
  4. Private medical assistance should not be of greater complexity than publicly funded assistance, even though assistance and services not covered by the public health service may be offered.
  5. Complementary activities offered by SEH are promoted through FSE management mechanisms in collaboration with insurance companies, doctors who have private practices outside their work in the public healthcare setting and settings where information is provided on complementary services.
  6. SEH's complementary activities cannot be promoted or provided at FSE facilities by healthcare professionals as part of a medical assistance process for a citizen who has accessed the service through the public system, except in the case of a service not included in the portfolio of public healthcare services.
  7. For the provision of services not included in the portfolio of publicly-funded services, their promotion and provision will not be affected by the above points, since no overlapping exists between them. The ethical guidelines to be considered in this case are related to the indications meeting the real needs of the citizen.
  8. Liability insurance: the FSE holds a liability insurance policy covering risks derived from private practice. The current liability insurance policy covers the activity in its entirety.
  9. All professionals external to the FSE who are to perform services for the SEH are requested to submit certification confirming their qualification to perform their designated tasks.
  10. Medical complications insurance will be offered to patients. If they do not wish to take out this insurance they are required to sign a document stating that they have been offered it and are therefore responsible for any costs that may arise as a result.

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