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Medical check-ups

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Salut Empordà Healthcare offers medical check-ups that are reliable and quick, with diagnostic testing carried out in a short period of time. We offer comprehensive care and advice for those interested in taking care of their health and who wish to receive preventative care.

Check-ups consist of an evaluation of a patient's health status and serve to prevent diseases that may be related to the patient's genetic makeup, lifestyle, age, gender or occupation. After the first visit, a series of specialised medical departments work together to give the patient the most suitable complementary tests. Once the results and the patient's health status have been analysed, a complete and comprehensive diagnosis is obtained.

Health packages

Basic medical health check-up


  • Urine and blood tests
  • Internal medicine check-up
  • Cardiology test as electrocardiogram,ergometry, CXR if necessary sensoorial assessment (eyesight, hearing)

Premium medical health check-up


  • Basic  check-up +  Spirometry
  • The referral to the specialist and the performance of diagnostic tests will be evaluated


Pilar Garcia Pardo, Medical doctor

Marta Boada Guso, nurse


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