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Sports medicine and physical activity

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The Salut Empordà Healthcare Sports Medicine service offers comprehensive assistance and consulting services on issues related to physical activity. It is headed by a Physical Education and Sports Medicine specialist, working in collaboration with other health departments and experts to provide comprehensive care for all spheres of the sports medicine field.

Practising sports is not exempt from risks, which is why it is important to be very attentive to your body's response during physical activity. Knowing your body's initial state of health and its response is essential if you want to practise any kind of sports activity safely. Salut Empordà Healthcare will provide you with a medical sports assessment. Unlike with a common medical exam, this assessment is specifically geared towards studying the behaviour of the body when practising sport as well as the changes that arise from it.

The Salut Empordà Healthcare Sports Medicine department will ask you to perform a stress test on a treadmill. This is useful for the medical study, as the body, while on the treadmill, employs a greater number of muscles, in contrast to other tests that use a stationary bicycle. This method allows us to change running speed and slope with respect to the ground.

During a stress test the heart is monitored during exercise, enabling us to diagnose any cardiac alterations that could entail a risk for the person during exercise; for example, cardiac ischemia, arrhythmia, abnormal heart rhythm and arterial blood pressure, congenital defects, and other conditions. The information obtained from this test is used for planning training sessions and to help athletes achieve optimum physical shape in keeping with their needs.

Test objectives

Tests performed at Salut Empordà Healthcare's Sports Medicine Unit at are aimed at:

  • Detecting alterations or pathologies that affect or are affected by physical exercise
  • Evaluating the athlete's physical characteristics and their level of fitness
  • Optimising training to improve results and increase performance
  • Preventing injuries and providing medical and technical advice to prevent issues related to incorrectly performed exercise
  • Advice on diet and nutrition to improve fitness

Health packages

  • Basic sports assessment, for children under 10
  • Advanced sports assessment for those 10 years and older


Montse Ribas, Medical doctor specialising in sports medicine

Marta Boada, nurse



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