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Rights and duties

The rights and duties of the users of Fundació Salut Empordà, which owns Salut Empordà Healthcare, are found in the Charter of rights and duties of citizens regarding health and healthcare, published by the Health Department of the Catalan Autonomous Government (Generalitat). This document is a social contract between citizens and the health system. It defines the rights of persons in the healthcare system as well as their duties, and their commitments as active individuals.

For people who are travelling to another destination specifically for a medical procedure, there are a number of special and unique requirements that must be specified which are found in the MTQUA International Patient's Bill of Rights.

Accordingly, Salut Empordà Healthcare has adopted the principles of the Charter of rights and duties in relation to health and healthcare, and it also extends them in the case of medical tourism, adhering to the MTQUA International Patient's Bill of Rights.


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