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Yoga for pregnant women

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As part of its ample offering of services geared towards women's health, Salut Empordà Healthcare provides yoga classes for pregnant women. This activity helps to strengthen and balance the body during pregnancy and represents the best way to ensure an easier birth.

Yoga coupled with the use of an exercise ball offers a number of benefits for mothers-to-be, including prevention and relief for lumbar, cervical problems and sciatica, as well as postural re-balancing and improved muscle tone and flexibility of the entire body, in particular the pelvis and lower back. Yoga also reduces water retention and improves circulatory problems, respiratory function and increases oxygenation. Other benefits include greater physical and mental relaxation, improved rest and mood. In addition, practising yoga during pregnancy will help women to enjoy this period and birth with increased awareness in addition to improving the bond between the mother and her future baby.

This activity is designed for women who are more than 12 weeks pregnant not suffering from any major illness. Please consult your doctor before starting yoga classes. Prior experience is not necessary. Please bring a mat, cushion and blanket.

Salut Empordà Healthcare also organises post-natal yoga for mothers and newborns at least one month old. This activity will reinforce the bond between mother and child, and will improve the newborn's motor skills, balance, sensory abilities and relaxation.


Maite Carrillo, Yoga instructor


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